J42™ for Application Access

J42 for Application Access


Existing IBM 3270 mainframe, 5250 System i (AS/400), and HP NonStop applications (host systems) represent a safe and secure environment capable of supporting many thousands of concurrent users. Web browser technology coupled with Java applications/applets provide a consistent platform independent user interface accessible over Intranets/Extranets and the Internet. Combined, these technologies represent a breakthrough in computing and the best of both breeds.

The purpose of the J42 for Application Access (J42) is to provide an out-of-the-box solution for web-to-host access. J42 elimates the need for the non-trivial task of re-engineering the host-based applications by providing a dynamic automated one-to-one GUI mapping of the host-based screens. J42 goes further and provides point-and-pick configuration as well as a platform for further development. J42 has been designed to achieve a number of apparently simple yet effective tasks automatically. J42 takes advantage of Java technology to present an existing production application in a modern and user friendly style through any standard Java-aware Web browser.

Windows style User Interface

Windows style User Interface

Web style User Interface

Web style User Interface These example screens were automatically and dynamically produced using J42 without any human intervention.


  • 100% Pure Java™: The J42 for Application Access signed applet is 100% Pure Java™ certified.

  • Dynamic One-to-one Graphical User Interface (GUI) mapping of an existing application.

  • Optional Web style interface: with side functionbar strip, optional tiled image or coloured background screens with control of button and text panel colours, style and positioning.

  • "Intelligent" interpretation of the mainframe screen layout: This includes translating colours, mapping colours to fonts, lines, removal of "fill" characters, highlighting of first line titles, etc.

  • Additional screen interpretation: Any "pop-up" box is presented as an overlay panel. Any function key assignment strings are removed and represented as buttons with the assigned text.

  • Fast screen visualisation: As the user navigates through the application, only the Java objects that have been affected are added and/or painted on the Java window.

  • User options include: Cut & paste, auto tabbing feature, insert/overwrite toggle.

  • Support of Multiple fonts and font sizes: via a user menu option to dynamically control the screen display. Also support for switching between proportional and non-proportional fonts plus an automatic font sizing feature.

  • Internationalisation: of the user interface and messages which can be tailored to any user language supporting the Java locale. Plus the ability to present host screen text in the user's own language and style without re-engineering the host-based screens.

  • Additional features include: Control and function keys as buttons, user controlled button key groups, dynamic screen sizing to support multiple terminal types and browser page sizes.

  • Configurable options: These include "logo" recognition and "choice" lists and "jump" fields. Recognition and replacement of "logo"s with GIF/JPEG files; single screens with option lists displayed as a set of choice buttons; user friendly pulldowns provided to jump within the host-based application.

  • Developer's mode: While on-line, halt the J42 dynamic screen interpretation and write out a standard Java object. J42 allows the addition of "customised" processing to affect the flow and logic of the application for the user, the addition of Java components, combination with other data sources and support for the underlying datastream APIs.

  • Developer features include: On-line drag and drop form re-design, addition of components, component property sheets, end-user language translation facility, tracing of screens and events.

  • Environments supported: J42 can be run within a browser HTML page, as a Java Window, as a Java panel object, as a Java applet or stand alone Java aplication.

  • Java Beans support: The "developer mode" has been designed to be compatible with the Java Beans technology and JDK Internationalisation (i18n).

  • Support of multiple datastreams: is available. Currently: TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, TN5250E, TN6530, TN6680. Contact us for the latest details.

  • Support for security: J42 uses SSL technology to provide secure session access over the Internet. An additional feature providing digitally signed transactions is available.

Technical information

J42 for Application Access is developed using Java technology, requires a minimum of Java JDK/JRE v1.1 and is tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers.

On-line screen shots

We have put together some example partial screen shots for you to get an idea of the power of the J42 instant GUI transformation of your host screens. Plus a pdf document providing a brief introduction to the power of J42.

Your benefits

We have also made a summary of the benefits that could apply to you when using J42. Please follow this link to see the benefits summary.

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