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Here is some of the latest news and events from J&B Computing Services:

J42™ for Application Access

J42™ for Application Access version 9 has now been released

. This new release includes:

  • A complete desktop installation making you independent of any existing Java installation on the client PCs.
  • System configuration remains centralised on a web server, just as it did in previous versions
  • The Layout Facility
    An alternative to the existing custom class system, this provides a new and more flexible way of redesigning the screen. You can easily create stunning screens with multiple panels, customised texts and images.
  • Server based J42
    J42™ for Application Access Server Version runs on the server and renders the GUI screens directly into HTML. This is suitable for all leading web browsers.
    Other client systems such as Java FX and an Android client app are in development.

Just back from Java One again

Once again we went to Java One in San Francisco. This year we saw a lot on the new Java release which includes some significant new features and provides some real opportunities to create programs which use the multithreading power of modern machines.

J42™ for Application Framework

J42™ for Application Framework is the latest member of the J42™ family of products. It provides a high performance web application framework for interactive applications. By using Java on both the client and the server, J42™ for Application Framework provides a rich and powerful interactive client environment combined with a highly efficient and flexible server based application.
J42™ for Application Framework has already been in use for several years as part of bespoke solutions for J&B Computing Services's customers. Now, the first commercially available application built using J42™ for Application Framework is in final testing and will be available shortly.
Watch this space for more details...

Back to Java ONE again

For the 10th year running we will be sending people to JavaOne in San Francisco. Attending this conference allows us to stay right up-to-date with the latest developments in the Java world.

Announcement: Commitment to JavaFX

Work has started on providing JavaFX interface for J42™ for Application Access.
We launched the support for Java Swing for J42 for Application Access in August 2005. Following on the success of that launch and the interest it generated we can now announce that we have started work on a JavaFX version of J42 for Application Access.
This will allow our customers to benefit from the latest exciting developments in the Java technology for the desktop.
The benefits that this will bring to your existing legacy applications is only limited by our imaginations.
If you are interested in futher information and/or would like a beta version of this product please contact us.

CeBit 2010

After our successful visit to CeBit in China, we visited CeBit 2010 in Germany.

October 2009 - Awarded four year contract

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a four year contract by one of our major customers for the continued maintenance and enhancement of one of their key computer systems. The customer is a large european organisation located in Luxembourg.
We have ongoing maintenance contracts with many major customers for our own products. This contract is of special note due to the contract being won after a public call for tender,

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