J42™ for Data Access

J42 for Data Access


J42 for Data Access is a computer software generator tool that integrates and synchronizes the data modeling strengths of CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) with the benefits of RAD (Rapid Application Development). It provides users a tool to generate both prototypes and the final production system. Object-oriented applications are automatically generated based upon data models from both client/server and local databases, using CUA and NAS standards.

Applications contain data navigation and maintenance functions, access via relational relationships between tables, full data and referential integrity, picklists, multi-line forms, default reports...

Example screen shot

The following image is an example of the dynamic GUI access J42 for Data Access provides out-of-the-box for any database.

Example of dynamic multiple table access using J42™ for Data Access

J42 for Data Access is written in Java and uses JDBC to access any JDBC compliant database engine. J42 supports the following database engines: Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server, and more...

J42 for Data Access is already in use in mission critical applications. Call us for details of how the J42 approach can reduce the development time for your applications.

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