J42™ for Application Access


Easy dynamic GUI transformation

J42 provides a dynamic rendering of the "green" or "black" screen of the IBM Mainframe, System i (AS/400) or HP NonStop through a Web browser.

Literally without any change to your existing application you can benefit from the "out-of-the-box" dynamic GUI facilities of J42 to provide your end-users with the screen that they never thought they would see when they access their IBM Mainframe, System i (AS/400) or HP NonStop applications from a Web browser.

The following images illustrate some of the dynamic transformations J42 can do on-the-fly and without any human intervention.

These screens show the typical "black" screen and J42's dynamic rendering of it.
J42 goes much further than making the colours, font and fields look acceptable.

J42 adds its own intelligence to the screen intepretation. The example "black" screen shows a typical list of options for the user.

See how J42 has presented these as a neat set of buttons.

And why should the users need to worry about which function key to press and what it means for that particular screen or application ?

J42 provides screen specific and application specific function keys as buttons in the user's button bar.

And J42 provides much much more....

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The only dynamic WSIWYG GUI tool for your Mainframe, System i (AS/400) or HP NonStop™ server.

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