J42™ for Secure Access

J42 for Secure Access

J42™ for Secure Access is a group of products designed to meet the security needs of the Internet.
The following are some of the products available in the J42 for Secure Access product range. All these products share the same core j42 for Secure Access technology thus allowing our customers to benefit from the same secure basis.

J42™ for Secure Access - Passthru Server

Combined with J42 for Application Access, J42 for Secure Access provides a unique instant secured GUI solution for web-to-host access. More...

J42™ for Secure Access - Client Gateway

Site-specific security rules may require that individual users are not able to access the Internet except through a controlled gateway. The J42 for Secure Access Client Gateway provides an effective way for these sites to allow their users an SSL encrypted connection to a remote host. More...

J42™ for Secure Access - Direct Link

Instant, reliable, confidential and secure communication between business entities. More...