Effective training is the first step in the success of any system and it's therefore the most vital.

We tailor our training programmes to the specific needs of participants, whether it is in the use of a software products of for a management role. No two J&BCS courses are exactly the same because no two businesses are exactly alike.
All our training personnel are experienced and highly regarded in their specialist field, they take the role of 'team leader' on a course. We have developed a unique mix of 'management style' and 'workshop orientated' teaching methods where real examples are used. It all helps to ensure information is absorbed quickly and effectively. test
J&BCS training methods are always being reviewed to develop them still further. If you are new to J&BCS, you are always welcome to attend one of our publicly scheduled courses. We're so confident of the value of our training that you will not be charged unless totally satisfied.
Our courses include the following subjects:
  • J42™ for Application Access related training
    • Introduction to J42 Configuration
    • Java for J42
    • Advanced J42 Configuration
    • Controlling J42 from Java and JavaScript
    • J42 and other applications
  • JAVA
Further details about J&BCS training courses are available through our regional training coordinators or request more information.


By extending a customer's in-house expertise, J&BCS consultants can ensure that a particular system or product is efficiently installed and its use developed effectively. In this way, we can help shorten the learning time of the client's personnel and enable the business to get the maximum return on its investment.
Our Technical Department has three grades of product specialist : Junior Product Consultant, Product Consultant and Senior Product Consultant. Working with the customer we continually review the business requirements to ensure that the person with the required level of expertise is assigned to a job.
J&BCS staff are available for help in product implementation, tips and techniques, troubleshooting, special workshops, packaged development and so on.
For further details please contact the Technical Department at your local J&BCS office or request more information.


At J&BCS we offer products and packages that we have used and tested ourselves and our quality product portfolio contains the best.
We always demonstrate our products in real situations, providing real solutions before any decision is needed. We can therefore help you analyse these solutions on different platforms, giving you access to knowledge that you could never get from a list of features.
Further information about our product portfolio is available through our Marketing Department. If you'd like to see our products at one of the many exhibitions and seminars we attend each year, please ask us to include you on our invitation list or request more information.

Specialist Fields

Our offices have a permanent staff of dedicated computer professionals who supply the services and support detailed on this website.
In addition, staff from different regions may be called in to provide specialist knowledge in a particular field.
Each member of our staff is encouraged to continue their training and development and to take part in local institutes and user groups, in this way we encourage fresh thought and creative solutions.
On the rare occasion it is needed we have links to European and American organisations whose expertise we can draw upon as required.
Our rigorous recruitment procedures ensure that only talented and committed individuals join the J&BCS team. We are happy to share the secrets of successful recruitment with our clients. If you are interested in joining the J&BCS team your can send your details to our recruitment office.

Quality Service

At J&BCS we recognise that we are only as strong as the clients that support us. That's why we have an overriding commitment to quality of service.
Our experience means we appreciate and understand the problems that a computer department manager faces. We keep informed about new developments and hold regular discussions to find out what's important to our clients. In this way, we continually develop our services to fit in with your requirements.
Understandably, many of our customers have very strict publicity policies so it has not been possible to include their names here. However, we would be happy to tell you about our specific successes and credentials if you contact the Marketing Department at our main office.

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