J42™ for Application Access - Benefits

Text Box: Today’s Legacy Systems
For Y2K you decided that your legacy system was large, complex and worth keeping. 
When do you expect to have the time and budget to rebuild the entire system ?
If only you could replace the user interface and improve the usability of the system then you can keep using your legacy system while you work on your long term strategic goals.
Using J42, in a few hours you can transform your system with a value added web based GUI
Your legacy system today
  • Large applications
  • Many thousands of screens
  • Complex processing
  • Mission Critical
  • Green Screen interface
  • Terminal emulator software for all client PCs
  • Simple userid/password security
  • Users need training to learn cryptic codes
  • Business partners have no access
  • Unhappy users - high staff turnover






Text Box: On-the-fly transformation
J42 transforms your user interface by examining each host screen as it arrives on the web client and then dynamically creating a GUI based upon the information in the host data stream, J42’s extensive knowledge of host screen design, your specific configuration rules and any application specific processes you have added to the system.
The results are fast implementation, low maintenance costs and a radically transformed application.
Your legacy system with J42

  • Large applications
  • Many thousands of GUI forms
  • Complex processing
  • Mission Critical
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Web browser secure access with SSL
  • User authentication with digital signatures
  • Point-pick mouse centric interface
  • GUI widgets eliminate cryptic codes
  • System is easy to learn, easy to use
  • Secure access for staff and business partners across the Internet
  • Happy efficient users




o       Text Box: Is it really this easy ?
Join the many other corporations who have discovered the power of J42 to transform their legacy systems quickly and easily into a secure GUI.
You can even extend the built-in intelligence of the J42 system through Java APIs. Use these to enhance your host application logic and to link to other sources of data and transactions.






Your costs

  • J42 licenses
  • A few hours configuration

Your results

  • A secure GUI application in production
  • Time and budget to spare

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